FREE Beautiful Cards Magazine

Yup, that’s right… Link my blog entry on your blog, leave a comment here with your linked entry and you could win a one free Beautiful  Cards Magazines. I have 4 to give away! I was just about to list them on Ebay, and then I thought, wait a minute. Just give them away so others can get inspiration from them just like I did!

I will randomly choose 4 winners with the help of….. Deadline to enter is July 26. Winner announced here on July 27th!



15 thoughts on “FREE Beautiful Cards Magazine

  1. I guess I’m the last person on earth to not have a blog but I am happy to have found yours!

  2. I don’t have a blog either. But I would love to try and win one! I am fairly new to card making so this would help alot for inspiration!

  3. Hi!
    It’s really nice of you to want to share these magazines with others. I don’t have a blog, but I’d love the opportunity to win one of these. I like your CAS cards and wish I could do a better job at making these kinds of cards.

    Thanks again!

  4. I dont have a blog but love looking at others for inspriation so thank you for the effort you put in to yours, its great to get wonderful ideas.

    Thanks for the enjoyment you give others.

  5. Oh this would be so so sooo good. just getting my mojo on in the stamping and cardmaking arena 😉 I wouldl LOVE some inspiration! Thanks 😉

  6. I just found your website and am enjoying your cards! I don’t have a blog of my own but I would love a chance to win some more inspiration! Thanks!

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