GIVEAWAY: Mint Motif Acrylic Stamp Set

This giveway will be at the top until it closes. To see recent posts, just scroll down! 🙂

Time for another giveaway! I wasn’t kidding you when I told you I was going thru my craft room! Got loads to give away!!! Today, I am offering up this stamp set from Mint Motif! Her sets are wonderful and are of the highest quality!

Here are the deets. You can leave up to three comments:

1. Leave me a comment. Say whatever you want!! 🙂

2.  Become a public follower of my blog by adding me to your google reader or any other way you choose to follow blogs. If you already are a follower, great!!! You get to comment again!

3. Spread the word. Share this link on your blog and/or twitter account. If you share on twitter, be sure to use @lbeard so I will see!!! If you share this on your blog, just copy your link to the comment.

So, what do you think?!? Easy enough right?!? I’ll leave the giveaway open for a few days! Thanks for visiting and I hope you win!!!


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