Flashback Friday

Amy over at Tsuruta Designs has a very fun and almost scary challenge going on right now, Flaskback Friday. Her challenge is to repost the first card you ever made and posted to your blog! AAHHH…. Here goes: This beauty (GAG) was the first Mother’s Day card I ever made. I think I might have made a card or two prior to this but never posted them to the blog. Click here to view the post.


Now the first thing I ever made was something for my son’s teachers. Altered clipboards to be exact. I enjoyed reading my very first crafting post because I can see how excited I was about the endless possibilities of this whole new crafting world…. HA, here is me holding my very first “stamped image”

And here is one of the AWFUL clipboards…

HA HA HA. This has been fun. You guys should try this…..


One thought on “Flashback Friday

  1. It’s a great memories though.

    I have two tiles with crackle paint on my blog today and a few more that are in the process of drying 🙂 THANKS AGAIN!

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