Virtual Crop Night, and I stayed up past midnight! Woah…

So, a bunch of us gals got together starting at 4:00PM and did a virtual crop! So much fun. So much so, it is STILL going on. At 12:15AM, I had to call it a night. We began our day at 4:00PM! It’s Clouds, Ayana, Naomi and me!

It took us a few hours to stop gabbing and get to crafting, but eventually, we all did… Ashley and Savitri joined us!

By the end of this night, they were still going strong. I had to hit the hay! These ladies are too much of a night owl for me! I bet they are on for another 2 hours… Crazy girls!!! 🙂 Tiffany, Sarah and Paulina joined us!  Notice I am in my bed when this picture was taken, HA HA HA!

It was fun ladies!!!


6 thoughts on “Virtual Crop Night, and I stayed up past midnight! Woah…

  1. Whoa, that’s right on track … went on pretty late, should’ve stayed lol, the Broncos lost to Detroit :S Very cool, like I said, it was so nice to meet ya and the rest of the ladies, totally should make a second round of virtual crop night again 🙂


  2. Haha…. So fun! I just posted my pics on Twitter. LoL…. We should definitely do this again. Next time, i’ll be sure to do my hair and look prettier though, so I won’t look so messed up in the screenshots! LoL =)

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