August Ramblings

Inspired by the cute Paulina, here goes some rambling!

  1. I have a scar on my left leg. I got in while in college. I was helping someone take out their garbage and a glass bottle cut me thru the bag. Lots of stitches….  This is a main reason why I do not find it necessary to take out the garbage.
  2. I secretly enjoy playing xbox with my son almost as much as he does. Shh… Don’t tell.
  3. I have super thick, coarse and poofy hair! Never have been able to wear it long. The longer it gets, it begins to take the shape of a triangle or mushroom. It is horrid. With the new treatment I just had applied to my hair, I am going to risk it and try growing it out, again….
  4. I love my Iphone…. I face connected with my friend yesterday. She answered with rollers in her hair! HA
  5. I have lived in Jacksonville all of my life. My family lives here…. Had a scare recently that we might have to move to San Diego. A few days ago, we were told the orders changed and we get to stay here in Jacksonville for another 2-3 years!
  6. I do not like fish. The taste of it, the smell of it, nothing! I do like crab, oysters and salmon now (as long as it is stuffed with crab meat to hide the salmon taste)…. And I LOVE SUSHI!
  7. When I was a kid, I couldn’t tell the difference between steak and pork chops. And mac-n-cheese was orange macaroni….
  8. I try to do all my shopping online. I don’t like to be bothered by sales people in stores asking me every 5 seconds if they can help me with something.
  9. When I see a solicitor number on my caller ID, I immediately pick it up, dial 77777777 and then hang up. I hope the loud noise annoys them.
  10. I do not chew gum in public. It is a horrifying site to see.
  11. I have TMJ. My jaw pops often…
  12. I saw a huge bug on my friend today and screamed like a sissy while trying to swat it off of her with my son’s transformer!

Hope you enjoyed it! If you do the ramblings post, be sure to let me know.


2 thoughts on “August Ramblings

  1. everyone needs to ramble one in a while huh? hehe, i didn’t know you could dial that number and people hear noise because of it, genius, i shall try it, lol! 🙂 had the same experience with the screaming when I saw a snake on my office desk once at work…. my boss pulled a practical joke on me … it was a plastic snake, i screamed so loud :S btw: i really like yer hair 🙂 own it!!


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