Card to make you smile plus a little game for ya

I had fun making this card. All images are Lawn Fawn (that’s gonna be part of the game I’m going to tell you about in a second). I used the adorable Tiffany’s Sketch TG006 as inspiration. Also playing along in the Wee Memories Scrappy Challenge. All items used on the card were from a scrap pile that was piling quite high on my desk.

I started out by adhering that adorable shiny cloud patterned paper to my card base……  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Can’t remember where I got it. Probably Hobby Lobby.  Then I stamped the images and either paper pieced or colored with Copics. The hills are hand drawn by yours truly. I know. I know. I can’t draw. I saw this card that Becky Oehlers did and I fell in love with her hills. They are a stamp in a PTI set she designed. I don’t own it but wanted to figure out a way to make it work (Tim Gunn is pictured in my mind now) so I hand drew the hills and then colored them with Copics. I also hand drew the hair bow on the deer.

Ok. The game. I used several Lawn Fawn sets here. Here is the game…. In the comments section, let me know which sets you think I used. HINT – there are 4! The ones who answered correctly will be automatically entered to win a crafty goody from me… What goody? Could be stamps. Ink. Buttons.  Embellishments. Who knows…  But that’s the fun. The mystery. Sound fun? Good. Comment away.


21 thoughts on “Card to make you smile plus a little game for ya

  1. Oh your card is too sweet!!!! THANKS for playing and the question is just too easy for me: Fly Free, Critters in the Burbs, Partly Clouds, and Critters in the Snow.

  2. My best guess: Fly free, critters in the snow, critters in the burbs, and my silly valentine? adorable creation regardless!

  3. I love the finished product! This card turned out so cute! Ok… so here are my guesses: “Fly Free”, “Critters in the Snow”, “Critters in the Burbs”, and “My Silly Valentine”. 🙂

  4. Lovely! I think you used Fly free, Critters in the Snow, Critters in the Burbs, and My Silly Valentine! I love you that made a girl deer Laurel 🙂

  5. well, I know the answer… but I guess I better 🙂 Critters in the Snow, Fly Free, Partly Cloudy, and Critters in the Burbs. Way to combine sets. I just love the way Lawn Fawn sets go so well together!

  6. Very cute card–I think the sets used are fly free, critters in the snow, critters in the ‘burb and my silly valentine.

  7. Hi Laurel! Well, I’ve thought about this and even consulted my Lawn Fawn Stamps, and I believe that you used “Fly Free,” “Critters in the Snow,” “Critters in the Burbs,” and “My Silly Valentine.” Thanks for the fun game!

  8. Laurel I absolutely love this it’s so stinkin cute!! Your hills are lovely!

    My guess is fly free, critters in the snow, critters in the burbs, and partly cloudy. Thanks for the fun too!!

  9. I think it’s Critters in the Snow (deer), Fly Free (birds/sentiment), Critters in the Burbs (flowers) and I’m going to guess Teeny Tiny Backdrops (for the tiny heart). I may be wrong on that last one, but I’m sure the others are right. The card is super-cute, Laurel!

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