I know some of you have seen the way I am linking the supplies under each of my projects…  Yes! those thumbnails… did you ever wonder how I do it? I know many of you have emailed me and asked!!!! It’s finally time to spill the beans. Let me introduce you to a new service: Link Manager by Inlinkz! It’s a tool where you can create a pool of all your supplies and then create lists of products just by dragging and dropping, thus creating links to your supply list on your blog posts!!  Here is a short video by Kristina Werner that will walk you through the tool.

Only those with a coupon can register! So, here is a coupon you can use to register : 


This coupon will let you in for free until December! So go ahead, join and check it out!!!!

Below are some of my favorite products (inks, stamps, supplies) shared by using the Link Manager to give you a visual of this awesome new feature from Inlinkz!

So go on and give it a try! It’s super cool and SUPER FUN!!!!!!


21 thoughts on “Introducing… Inlinkz LINK MANAGER – FREE COUPON CODE

  1. Great video. I’m curious about how you are other beta testers organize their collections. For me, when I do a blog post I will have products from various manufacturers…do you create a collection for each blog post in addition to the collections you create for all of your links by manufacturer? KWIM?

    lynn dot mercurio at gmail dot com

  2. thanks for the code! I am working on a project page right now. LOVE this new feature!

    my only question is… is this going to be a paid thing at one point? I hate to do all the work to create it and then one day it cost me to use it! 😦

  3. Thanks for the helpful info! My question is, when I am composing a blog post, how do I get the products from InLinks to appear on my blog? I’m a bit confused 😦

  4. Hi there! You have to copy/paste the html code into your blog! Then your supply list with the cute thumbnail pics will magically appear!

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