Virtual Birthday Party for Karen Baker……

Did you hear? We are having a virtual birthday party for the fabulous Karen Baker! A group of us got together from all over the world to celebrate and each of us brought something to the party! The wonderful Erin Thiem is the party organizer and a great one at that!

Karen, we all heart you and since we couldn’t celebrate with you in person, we are celebrating virtual style! Taking a cue from Lawn Fawn’s inspiration week, I chose to bring some handmade wrapping paper to the party using some of what I hope is Karen’s favorite images. Recently, well always really, she made a few cards that just blew me away. Two in particular featured the socks and dog image, so I had to customize some wrapping paper with those images. I threw in the owl too, because, hey… It is just too cute not to!!!! And yup, wrapped it  up in a present from me to her, but I can’t say what it is. She’ll have to wait and be surprised when it arrives in the mail!

Erin, thank you for organizing this virtual party!!! You are amazing! Please, check out what the rest of the girls brought to the party. I hear someone is doing something with undergarments, lol!!!



Kelly Marie,


Kelley Eubanks,











Jen R,







23 thoughts on “Virtual Birthday Party for Karen Baker……

  1. Fabulous gift wrap! Brown paper package are my favorite!!! I wish I had known it was Karen’s Birthday. I have a little something sketched out that would have been perfect…Maybe I will just have to make it and send it to her a little belated.

  2. Oh now this is perfect, and love that color combo (you know it’s the current CR84FN color challenge?). And really, this Christmas, I should make my own wrapping paper, b/c it really doesn’t get any better then this (I bet I could recruit my little helpers). Thank you for joining us in the birthday celebrations 🙂

  3. Aw….Laurel, this is so very fabulous!! I love your hand stamped wrapping paper! It is so cute–so Karen’s style!! Thanks for sharing your creations with us!! I know Karen would love this!

  4. Clean and simple and totally fabulous! The color combo is amazing, the arrangement is amazing, and those pops of red in the collar are just amazing! You know me so well: that pup is one of my all time favorite Lawn Fawn stamps! Thank you Laurel, for all your kind words, your support, and your generosity, oh, and who could forget to thank you for bringing about the really, really, really great challenge, Lawnscaping?!

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