Video Tutorial by my 6 year old: How to make a paper box

Staring my son, Lucas!!!!!

Hope you enjoy! I’ll be back with something crafty soon, I promise! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Video Tutorial by my 6 year old: How to make a paper box

  1. OMG!!! Can he BE any cuter?! I want to take him home with me!!! I love it when he says: “And you do it over and over again until it’s regular”, “it needs to be together orrrr it can’t be a BOX!” *melts my heart* And get it together, people, he didn’t borrow anything, he made it himself!!! Shame on you mom for thinking he couldn’t make it! HA! (: How freakin’ adorable!!! His vocabulary and problem-solving skills blow me away!!! GOD bless him!!! ♥

  2. Cute cute cute Laurel and he really does know how to give directions well! Going to be a leader for sure. My daughter is going to love this too (she’s seven) totally going to have her watch it when she gets home from her sleep over 🙂

  3. Lucas! You did a great job on your video! I liked how you showed is how to measure the tape! I watch a 5 1/2 year old girl who loves making crafts, I’m going to show her the video and take a picture of what she makes. I’ll send your mom the picture then you can see what she made. I really like your Captain America PJ’s too, where did you get them? Thanks for the video, you did a great job! What else can you make?

  4. What a CUTE and TALENTED crafter! Lucas, you are such an awesome instructor and I hope to see your video more! You rock,buddy!
    Watch out, Tim Holtz, you’ve got serious competition coming your way!

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