Silhouette Deal: Pay $13.50 for $30 worth of shapes

Hi there! I found a deal online and just HAD to share it with you all!!!  It’s a deal by Plum Deal and it’s for Silhouette shapes, so all of you who have a Silhouette, than this deal is for you!!!

Pay $18 for $30 in shapes, and once you load it into your Silhouette account it never expires! Click here to use my link, and if you grab the deal within the next 7 hours, you can use the code Flash16 to save another 25%. That will make the deal $13.50!  If you see this after the 25% off deal expired, don’t fret! Use the code PDCOZ10 to save 10% instead.

So, all you do is pay the $18 (less with one of the promotion codes), and you automatically receive am email containing your  voucher/promotion code. Then you go into your Silhouette store, my account, add download card to balance and paste! Voila.  Instant $30 credit. AND IT NEVER EXPIRES!!!

Another cool thing is once you’ve made your purchase, you will get your own custom link and if three people use your link, you will get this deal for free, they will refund you!  Pretty groovy eeh?!?

Don’t forget to use the promo code Flash16 (today only) or PDCOZ10 for extra savings!!!! Here’s the link again!


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