Happy Mail for Grayson Card Drive

Hello friends! Today I am here with a very special post for a friend so open your hearts as you read.

Just before Thanksgiving, Danielle received news that her friend’s their sweet little 2 year old boy, Grayson, had a tumor on his brain stem.  Grayson will begin chemotherapy this month as the next stage of treatment. Through all of this, the family has stayed strong, hopeful, faithful and positive.  Grayson’s mom, Jackie, has a blog she keeps updated regularly, so you can get to know more about Grayson HERE.

Danielle knew she wanted to do something to bring some light into the family’s life during this dark time.  She talked to her friend and said that Grayson and his brother love to get mail…and so, here we have the Happy Mail for Grayson Card Drive. 


Grayson has a brother named Aydan who is 4 so make sure to send some awesome cards to him too! These boys love all things boy 🙂 Rescue Bots, Geotracks, Angry Birds, Thomas the Train. Send these little men funny, happy, cards! We all know how much love goes into a handmade card, and even better how personalized they can be!

The deets:

The drive will run from January 21 – February 28
(if they arrive late because they are International that’s okay too!)

Send them here:
Grayson Savery and/or Aydan Savery
c/o Danielle Walls
P.O. Box 5808
Wilmington, DE 19808

Thank you in advance for your cards! Feel free to share with your crafty friends as well 🙂 Would love to see my PO box overflowing!


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