Inktense Watercolor Pencils versus Distress Markers

Hi there! Yesterday’s post left me wondering…… How would the cards look side by side using the same technique but with a different product. Yesterday, I used Distress Markers. Today, I used Inktense watercolor pencils…… I made a video for you all!

Sidebar: The current online card class Clean and Simple 2 is awesome. If you aren’t taking it, sign up. It’s not to late. Lifelong access. The card up front uses the distress markers. The cards in the back use the Inktense pencils.


A close up of the cards using the Inktense pencils.


If you want to check out my video, you can watch it here or over at my youtube channel!



5 thoughts on “Inktense Watercolor Pencils versus Distress Markers

  1. Great cards!!
    Taking that class too…I’m a bit behind with my home-work (and that for a teacher) ooops…
    Thanks for sharing!!
    I hope you’re doing well!! Happy weekend, Laurel!! 🙂

  2. Im taking that class as well. Well just starting it. Hope its helpful for me. I love your work Laurel. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

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