Laurel’s Craft Room Tour Video

Hi everyone. I’m over on the Lawnscaping blog today sharing a tour of my craft room in the new house…. There is a cameo by Lucas at the end of the video, he 🙂 I talked quick because I had no idea how much space I had left on my Iphone……  A few links below of the items referenced in the video:

Expedit Shelving Unit – Ikea ($129)
Expedit Drawers – Ikea ($35 per two drawers)
Expedit Cabinets – Ikea ($20 each)
Table Top – Ikea ($20)
Table Legs – Ikea ($3.50 each)
White Storage boxes – Ikea ($5.99 for 2)
3 tier wired letter tray – Ikea ($8.99)
Spice Jars (holds my buttons) – Ikea – ($3.99 for 4)
Other stuff:
Distress Ink Craft Spinner – Amazon 
Magnetic Storage Book that holds my die cuts and nestabilities – Amazon ($12.99)
Desktop Carousel – Michaels 
Self Healing Mat – X-ACTO – Amazon – ($25.39)
I also thought I would link up some of my FAVORITE crafty supplies, excluding inks and stamps! If you have any questions, let me know!


5 thoughts on “Laurel’s Craft Room Tour Video

  1. Ooh, I like your idea of velcro-ing the blending sponges to the back of your distress inks! Brilliant! SO going to do this!! Saves up space, too!! And thanks for sharing the wooden stand your hubby built you for filming your how-to videos!! I need to do that! My brother is very handy, so I’m sure he won’t have an issue making something like that… Looks pretty simple to make (: LOVE Lucas at the end!!! hahaha! SO cute the way he said “And when she said my son’s artwork, she meant me!” hahahah! Adorbs!!! 😀

  2. Oh, I just love seeing people’s crafts rooms but have to say that yours is SO much more organized and spacious than mine. I am also surprised to see that most crafters have fewer supplies than what I expect but that’s either because you all store your overflow somewhere else or else you actually USE your stuff and don’t just hoard it! Love the idea of velcro to keep the blending foam with the pads. My blending foam pieces are all tossed in a container, which means I am always rummaging for the right one. Tell your sweet son that he is adorable and that I loved his artwork!

  3. I’m new to this product. I’ve seen a few YouTube videos about the gelatos but I haven’t tried them yet. I’m excited to learn more about them!!!

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