The Dress

I rarely do personal posts here, but I felt on this subject I had to. There is such a story behind this dress…. I’ll try and be brief.

This dress was bought by my mother for my niece (her first grandchild) 12 years ago. I loved it at first sight. Watching my adorable niece (who will be turning 12 in a few months) in that dress just made me fell in love with it all the more…. It might have been passed down to my other niece (8), I’m not sure. All I know is I grabbed it when they no longer had a need for it. I put it in my closet. I think it was before I even had my son. I loved it that much.

Fast forward almost 8 years… Lucas arrives. My precious bundle of joy. My beautiful son. But of course, this dress wasn’t for him. I closeted it again….

Fast forward 4 years… We started to try and have another baby. As most of you know, this was quite a struggle filled with heartache and loss. 7 miscarriages, broken hearts, babies in heaven…. I sought medical treatment and did quite a few painful procedures…. Still no luck. During that time, I saw the dress hanging in the closet. There were a few times I thought this was never going to happen, maybe I just should get rid of it. But I didn’t…. I cried… I held it… But I kept it.

Finally, the good Lord blessed us with a viable pregnancy in 2012! Such a miracle. I just knew it was going to be a boy, but I still kept the dress. My husband has 4 uncles, they all had boys. His dad? 2 boys. There are no girls in the family.. So the odds were, this beautiful baby was going to be a boy, so no need for the dress. But I still kept it.

WRONG! We found out it was a girl! A Girl! A beautiful miracle twice over! The fact that I was pregnant and the fact it was a girl!!!! Yes! Yes! I can keep the dress!

Fast forward 7 months. There were a few early pregnancy tests that alluded there could be complications… And they were right. I was hospitalized around 31 weeks for high blood pressure. Extremely high blood pressure. I was on the road to eclampsia… My beautiful little girl, all healthy and perfect inside me and my body was giving out…. Thanks to the wonderful team of doctors and Jesus, she was ok…. As my blood pressure kept climbing, it was eminent that we would be meeting our precious daughter earlier than expected. And so it was. She was born at 33 weeks and 6 days…. She stayed in the NICU for 16 days and I stayed in the hospital another week until they found the right cocktail of meds to control my blood pressure….

Fast forward 6 months. We are here. Healthy. Happy. And blessed. And this dress finally has its place on MY daughter!




39 thoughts on “The Dress

  1. Such a beautiful post, Laurel – and such wonderful photos of pretty mama and her precious baby girl. I had no idea you went through so much. I’m even MORE happy for you and your sweet family now! ❤

  2. Writing this through the tears in my eyes… You have truly been blessed but show your appreciation and that means a lot.

  3. She’s getting so big! And she beautiful! That dress us adorable! God knew you had a dream in your heart and he fulfilled it! Measure her head and email me and I will make her a headband and mail it to you.

  4. Laurel, I always loved that dress also! I have two other dresses that were Lauren’s & Emma’s that I have saved and would love for you to use them. They are for when Lily is a little older & bigger. Maybe size 2/3. I will get them to you one day.

  5. She is getting so big! And so beautiful! I am sure your hubby’s family is so happy to have a girl! God saw your dream and he fullfilled it! That dress is adorable! Measure her head and email me and I will make her a headband and send it..

  6. Just the sweetest story ever! That dress is such a testament to hope, faith, joy… you’ll be saving it again for her daughter!

  7. You really know how to bring a tear to my eye!!!

    Firstly, I want to say thank you for sharing your sweet story, and to tell you how much I LOVE the photos! She is just gorgeous, Laurel! And the dress is absolutely perfect for her! I hope you save it for generations to come, as it’s a dress that will not go ‘out’ of style 🙂

    It seems that God has truly blessed you and your family! Sending you big (HUGS)…thanks so much for this post…you’ve made my day!

  8. Big hugs to you and your little sweetheart, Laurel! She is darling in it and I love it, too……..Thanks for the wonderful share!

  9. Thank you for sharing your story. You have a beautiful daughter & she is adorable in the dress that you saved for her. The story shows your strength & faith. I wish you & your family the best!

  10. I am crying now. This was such a beautiful story because you worked so hard to get this precious baby and you did it! I totally understand; I lost my first little girl when she was 41/2 months old and lost a tiny little boy halfway through pregnancy. But…….I now have a gorgeous daughter, now 33 years old, and a great son, now 28!
    I also didn’t give up but I know how hard the road can be, Laurel…..
    That sweetie little girl of yours is absolutely precious in that dress! Give her a kiss from me, please/

  11. This post makes me happy. 🙂 Great story about the dress…and about your beautiful baby girl – I love happy endings.

  12. God blessed you and your family. and i’m sorry for all of the struggles you endured, especially the horrible horrible lows. i pray the highs continue. the dress is gorgeous and so is your beautiful daughter! your family can finally start your happily ever after together as one!
    thank you for sharing your joy!

  13. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with all of us. I am so glad you and your daughter are doing well and that, after all you have been through, the dress is being worn by your girl! May God continue to bless you and your family.

  14. So happy to hear that your faith and perseverance led to this beautiful conclusion of the dress story and a new chapter for your family! Your daughter is adorable.

  15. Oh, Laurel, I loved reading this post – she is soooo beautiful! And definitely a miracle! I am very glad you kept the dress – it looks perfect on your precious daughter! Sending hugs!

  16. What a wonderful story! I just loved reading your post! Your little miracle is just beautiful and the dress looks like it was made for her. Thanks for sharing.
    Warm Hugs,

  17. What a touching story Laurel. You and your family have been so blessed in so many ways and so glad to hear you kepted your faith through out the highs and the lows. Your daughter is beautiful and that dress couldn’t be any cuter on her.

  18. You and your daughter are both so beautiful, Laurel! And the dress is adorable on her! Thank you for sharing your story because it means so much to me. My husband and I lost our first child two years ago and we weren’t able to get pregnant until recently. God is just so, so good though!

  19. Your story had me crying my eyes out for you…and then ( I’m pretty new to your blog) you showed your beautiful little girl! That dress is so adorable and your little angel is perfect in it! Thank you for sharing your wonderful story. God bless!

  20. What a beautiful post!! So catching… wow!
    That dress is so cute!! Lily looks so adorable! What a cutie pie! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  21. That is the sweetest story!! Something inside you made you keep that dress. I’m so happy for you & your family. All gorgeous and sweet :).

  22. What a sweet, sweet story Laurel!! That dress is adorable! But your sweet bundle of joy is absolutely beautiful!! God bless her, you and your family!!


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