My Crafty Space and Ikea purchases and how I film

Today I thought I’d share a video with you of my crafty space. First off, let me apologize. The video is shaky because my hands were shaky. I also span around my room very quickly so I hope you don’t get sick! I am so sorry. I was rushing because my baby was due to wake up at any minute!!!

I just went on another trip to Ikea (2 1/2 hours away) and picked up some goodies. I still have a few things heading my way such as inserts and organizers for my drawers and a wall calendar, but I wanted to go ahead and share it with you. If you have any questions, let me know! 🙂



Expedit Shelving Unit – Ikea ($129)
Expedit Drawers – Ikea ($35 per two drawers)
Expedit Cabinets – Ikea ($20 each)
Alex Drawer Unit from Ikea ($119)
Raskog Rolling Cart from Ikea –  (49.99)
Table Top – Ikea ($20)
Table Legs – Ikea ($3.50 each)
White Storage boxes – Ikea ($5.99 for 2)
3 tier wired letter tray – Ikea ($8.99)
Spice Jars (holds my buttons) – Ikea – ($3.99 for 4)
Other stuff:
Craft Spinner – Amazon 
Magnetic Storage Book that holds my die cuts and nestabilities – Amazon 
Desktop Carousel – Michaels 
Self Healing Mat – X-ACTO – Amazon – ($20.99)

6 thoughts on “My Crafty Space and Ikea purchases and how I film

  1. thanks for the video! its always nice to see someone’s space to get ideas for your own space. Oh, and I love Ikea and Pick Your Plum!!!

  2. Your space is so lovely, and bright and fresh!! Those buttons on te ikea bookshelves are amazing!!! I agree – lots of color and such a happy thing to see when you first walk in! The drawer of your distress inks made me swoon! So pretty!! (That’s where the laurel distress magic happens!!) ha ha!

  3. Your craft room is beautiful, Laurel! I love all of your Ikea pieces and how organized you are! Thanks so much for sharing this with us…I really enjoyed watching!

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