Yup, that’s right! That was my challenge to myself! How can I incorporate all 12 of these delicious Mama Elephant inks into one card???? Hello Tim Holtz stencil and ME Inks!!!!! I created this fantabulous background using the stencil and ALL of the mama elephant inks!!!!!! And I did it all on film for you! 🙂 You can watch it here or over on my youtube channel. You can mass produce this background and use it for projects of all occasions.  How fun would this be for a birthday background…. Hmm. 🙂


And here’s the video:


9 thoughts on “SPOTLIGHT: ALL 12 MAMA ELEPHANT INKS on one card WITH VIDEO

  1. This is beautiful! When I saw you had a video I was expecting you to be squirting or spraying ink and water on the cardstock to get the fabulous effect. Was so surprised to see a stencil, what a fantastic idea!! All of the colours look really good together and would love to have them all myself.

  2. Beautiful card! So cool! I can imagine these bunnies sitting on a bench in a museum, in front of this huge modern art display.. but that’s just me.. 🙂 Thank you for another fun video.

  3. I don’t have all 12 inks but have enough and I am waiting on that same stencil so I am going to give this a go! Thanks.

  4. Oh I love it!!! They background is so fun!! And you’re right-it could totally work for a ton of occasions!! This is such a lovely card and just so fun!!

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