Watercolored Dafodill on regular cardstock VIDEO


Yes! It can be done. If you are careful and don’t use too much water, you can watercolor on regular card stock! I thought I would share a video with you on how this card came together. I figured there might be some folks out there that want to watercolor and may even have access to watercolors (distress inks, kids watercolors, etc) but don’t have watercolor/specialty paper…. But that’s ok. It can be done. While your colors won’t be as vibrant and won’t blend as easily, it still can be done with very little effort because the water does all the work for you. I used some new watercolors (let’s be honest. The Japanese writing is just cool in itself, let alone the awesome colors you get with this set)….. And some Ultra White Smooth Premium cardstock for this card! NON WATERCOLOR. I know!!! And this stamp is gorgeous!


Onto the video! You can watch it right here or over on my youtube channel in HD. And if you subscribe, you get the video sent to you before I even blog it. Yup. Seriously…

Goodies used:


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