Video: Acrylic Block Watercoloring Comparison

As a follow up to my last blog post, I’ve got a video today sharing with you different watercolors using the same technique, Acrylic Block watercoloring. So fun and so easy to do using whatever watercolors you might have on hand…

Peerless Watercolors (my favorite card out of all of them. And I love these watercolors because they are self blending):


Kuretake Gansai Watercolors (comes in different sizes):


Watercolor Crayons (comes in different sizes):


Distress Inks:


You can watch the video here or over on my youtube channel in HD! Be sure to subscribe because subscribers usually see the videos before I post them onto the blog!

Goodies used:


3 thoughts on “Video: Acrylic Block Watercoloring Comparison

  1. Great video Laurel.. Thanks for the idea of using the watercolor crayons. That is my favorite of all your cards today.

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