YAY! It’s Saturday


It’s Saturday! The weekend is here! Today, we are hosting a birthday party for my son. No, his birthday isn’t until December but he has always wanted a POOLSIDE birthday party, and now that we moved, we have access to this amazing pool at our clubhouse so we decided to throw him his party 6 months early, lol! Unconventional? Yes… But my boy longed for a pool birthday party, so that is what he is getting this year and he is very excited! 🙂

So today I bring you this very clean and simple card using Mama Elephant stamps and inks. You can even make this into a one layered card if you wanted to. I did some simple stamping using this stamp and paired it with some Mama Elephant inks! Easy peasy. Have a great day!!!!!

Goodies used:


4 thoughts on “YAY! It’s Saturday

  1. We have 3 children. Two of them have their birthdays 1 week apart in July, the other in Dec. When the Dec. boy was little, he couldn’t understand why his brother and sister had parties, and he didn’t. Thus, for several years, he also had a summer birthday.

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