About Me

I like Coke, not Pepsi. Specifically, COKE ZERO.    I like the Harry Potter and X Men series and am not ashamed to say so!  I have been converted to the world of MACS and Apple.  I like to blog, twitter and facebook.  I like Peppermint Mocha Creamer in my coffee.  I love boots! I own a lot of boots! I have a fear of dentists!  I am afraid of heights, but am married to a pilot!   I like breakfast for dinner. Bacon, not sausage! I love People magazine but am to cheap to buy it so I just subscribe to their rss feed.  I prefer emailing/texting to talking on the phone.  I like cold weather, not hot weather because I like coats and scarves!  Feet really gross me out. I don’t like my teeth. I have crazy thick hair.

The world of crafting! Who would have thought there was such a world of stamps, inks, punches, zots, nestibilitles, embossing, scoring, and so much more! I am the founder and Design Team Member of the Lawnscaping Challenge Blog and currently serve on numberous design teams (see my right sidebar on the blog if you wanna know)….

I am a proud mommy to my 8 year old son, who is my absolute pride and joy! In February of 2013, we welcomed our miracle! Lily Kate! She arrived 6 weeks earlier than expected, but she is healthy and we couldn’t be happier to have BOTH of our children. Miracles indeed. God is good! I am married to a wonderful man who is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Laurel. I’ll be sending a box of cards within the next few days. What a great idea. I’m excited to know you have a Jax address. Seems like most of the bloggers I visit live so very far away. Somehow it seems nice that you are closer. I live north of Callahan. We’re practically neighbors! Ha ha. Cool. Have a wonderful day. God will richly bless you for this project.

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